Modelling Systems of Weakly Characterised Sensors


MR14 - Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Tuesday, 09 February 2016
from 16:00 to 17:00

Dr Chris Willis
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
The modelling of the Automatic Target Detection, Recognition and Identification performance in systems of multiple sensors and/or platforms is important in several respects. For example, in the selection of sensors or sensor combinations of sufficient performance to achieve operational requirements or; for understanding how the system might be best exploited. To this end a simulation framework has been developed examining sensor options across different sensor types, parameterisations, search strategies, and applications. It uses Bayesian Decision Theoretic principles, along with simple sensor models and Monte-Carlo simulation, to derive the expected performance of single deployed sensors and of sensor combinations. The basic framework has been significantly extended to include recognition and identification problems along with the detection problem for which it was originally designed. The framework has also been expanded to treat cases in which the sensors are poorly characterised, and recommendations for parameterisation in this mode are made. link